Description:  This 760,000 SF, $570 Million Expansion of the 50-year old faciltiy provides updated medical services and increased patient care capabilities including 330 patient beds and numerous pediatric care facilities. Project includes 400,000 lf of GTI Composite Slab/Beam Bolster® and 40,000 GTI Composite PC Chairs. Two deciding factors figured in the selection of GTI Products for this project: first, GTI products are made in the USA; and second, the Project is seeking to become first health care faciltiy in Alabama to receive it's LEED Certification (GTI Products benefit the Owner by receiving points towards gaining LEED Certificaton).

Owner:  City of Birmingham

Architect:  HKS, Inc. and Giattina Aycock Architecture Studio

Designer/Consultant:  KLMK Group LLC

Contractor:  Hoar Construction/BE&K Inc.

RB Supplier:  NuFab Rebar, Memphis, TN

RB & PT Installer:  B & K Company