General Technologies, Inc. was founded in 1988 with the vision of becoming recognized world-wide as the source for Technically Advanced Products within the Concrete Construction Industry.
GTI's business encompasses the Design, Development, Manufacture, and Supply of Specialty Reinforcement Systems and Components. The primary areas of business are Bonded Post-Tensioning, Unbonded Post-Tensioning, Concrete Accessories, and Related Equipment.
The GTI Business Philosophy is a simple one:
  • Bring innovative engineered solutions to the market that increase construction quality and longevity.
  • Focus on continually improving product reliability, quality, and performance.
  • Increase customer efficiencies by adapting materials and equipment to meet their specialized needs.
  • Always meet or exceed client expectations.
The GTI Management Team is comprised of individuals with diverse experience in construction. GTI's Key People have been involved in all phases of construction since the mid 1970's. Their experience covers manufacturing, extrusion, fabrication, design, engineering, products, construction, and teaching. 
GTI is globally recognized for Quality, High-Performance Products. With over 100 United States and Worldwide Patents, GTI provides the confidence that its technically-advanced products are accepted and used in all areas of the World. 
GTI's future is one of continued Growth, continued Quality Advancements, continued Development of Specialty Products, and continued Improvement. GTI has the ability, resources, and confidence to successfully execute projects to your satisfaction.