Description:  The Ernest F. Lyons replacement bridge is a 4600-ft-long, 31-span, precast segmental bridge built using the span-by-span method of construction. The main scope of this Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) project was the construction of a new high-level segmental bridge over the Intracoastal Waterway in Martin County, Florida.
The contractor chose to split the pier segments into two halves to reduce the lifting weight. FDOT required the segmental couplers for the split pier concept to be approved. The split pier segments were connected back together utilizing GTI Precast Segmental Duct Couplers to connect the galvanized steel pipe to provide required protection of the post-tensioning tendons. This was the first project to use GTI Precast Segmental Duct Couplers. The contractor and FDOT were pleased with their performance.

Owner:  Florida Department of Transportation

Design Engineer:  Parsons Transportation Group, Jacksonville, FL

Peer Review Engineer:  Corven Engineering, Tallahassee, FL

Prime Contractor:  PCL Civil Constructors Inc., Tampa, FL

Precast Segment Formwork:  Southern Forms Inc., Guild, TN

PT Supplier:  VSL, Springfield, VA