Description:  The new I-35W bridge replaces the steel truss bridge that collasped August 1, 2007. This bridge carried more than 140,000 vehicles a day and the loss of the bridge is costing $400,000 per day in lost revenue, increased commuter expenses and burden on surrounding roads. This Design-Build project was completed in just 339 days. The project was designed to be aesthetically pleasing and fit in with its environment.
The structure chosen was a precast concrete segmental bridge with a 100-year life span. There will be 10 lanes of traffic, five in each direction - two lanes wider than the former bridge. The overall width is 189 feet, the previous bridge was 113 feet wide. The new bridge includes 13 foot wide right shoulders and 14 foot wide left shoulders, the previous bridge had no shoulders.
MinnDOT specified plastic duct due to durability concerns for all tendons in the top of the structure. GTI Round Plastic Duct® and GTI Flat Plastic Duct® were chosen because of tight schedule requirements and reliability, quaility and performance.

Owner:  Minnesota Department of Transportation

Designer:  Figg Engineering Group

Prime Contractor:  Flatiron Constructors, Inc. and Manson Construction Company Joint Venture

RB Supplier:  Gerdau Ameristeel

PT Supplier:  DYWIDAG-Systems International USA