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GTI Installation Tools & Accessories

Tools You Need to Get the Job Done Fast

Installation and Troubleshooting

  • Trouble Shoot Anchors are used to help free a jack that will not release from a tensioned cable
  • Short Cable Tubes and Short Cable Noses are used with Pre-Tension Splice Chucks to facilitate stressing of short cables
  • 12″ and 18″ Chairs are used with Pre-Tension Splice Chucks to facilitate stressing of short cables
  • 45° Stress Spacers are used to allow a jack to make full contact with the anchor when 45° pocket formers are used
  • Hand Wedge Setter provides a quick way to pre-seat wedges for retention in anchor
  • Anchor Cleaning Tools remove residual concrete slag and debris from seating area, for improved seating performance
  • GTI Sheathing Stripper cuts the sheathing from the strand in the anchor cavity so it can be removed, allowing wedges to seat properly in the anchor cavity after stressing

Selection Chart – Hand Tools

Trouble Shooting Anchor0.5" GTI® Trouble Shooting Anchor201108
0.6" GTI® Trouble Shooting Anchor201218
Short Cable Tube NoseGTI® Short Cable Tube230591
GTI® Short Cable Nose230592
Installation Chairs12" GTI® Chair230594
18" GTI® Chair230595
Re-Use Splice Chuck0.5" GTI® Reusable Splice Chuck202653
0.6" GTI® Reusable Splice Chuck202673
45º Stress Spacer45° GTI® Stress Spacer230593
Hand Wedge SetterGTI® Hand Wedge Setter230596
Anchor Cleaning ToolGTI® Anchor Cleaning Tool230597
GTI Sheathing Stripper0.5" GTI® Sheathing Stripper206320
0.6" GTI® Sheathing Stripper206420

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