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Reusable Components

GTI designs and supplies the most advanced and reliable Reusable Pre-Tensioning System in today’s market. The GTI Reusable Pre-Tensioning System is a proven method of providing reusable anchoring devices for a variety of construction applications including:

Precast Plants | Ground Anchor and Tie-Back Systems | Heavy Lifting | Post-Tensioning

GTI Reusable Pre-Tensioning System components are a proven solution for customers working on pre-cast and pre-tensioning applications. Unlike post-tensioning components that are typically only used once, these pre-tensioning components are designed for repetitive use.

The GTI Reusable Pre-Tensioning System is available in strand sizes from 5mm to 0.62” (15.7mm). All parts are designed to be used with a variety of customer’s materials and equipment. The system is user friendly and intuitively simple allowing for maximum flexibility. Pre-tensioning components are available separately or as sets, providing easy ordering, economical service and repair over the life of the product.