Shipping Caps

Shipping Cap

GTI plastic post-tensioning duct offers the highest level of corrosion protection available for specified PT systems PL-1 through PL-3 as defined in fib and PTI/ASBI. Often times project specifications require the ducts to be sealed during transit and/or storage on the jobsite to prevent interior contamination prior to use. This can easily be accomplished with GTI Plastic Duct Shipping Caps which are manufactured in a wide variety of sizes to meet your needs.

220159SHIPPING CAP 48mm
220209SHIPPING CAP 59mm
220309SHIPPING CAP 76mm
220359SHIPPING CAP 85mm w/Flow Channel
220409SHIPPING CAP 100mm
220419SHIPPING CAP 100mm w/Flow Channel
221449SHIPPING CAP 109mm
220459SHIPPING CAP 115mm
220469SHIPPING CAP 115mm w/Flow Channel
220509SHIPPING CAP 130mm w/Flow Channel
220559SHIPPING CAP 145mm
220599SHIPPING CAP 160mm

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