Heat Shrinksleeves

Heat Shrinksleeves
GTI plastic post-tensioning duct offers the highest level of corrosion protection available for specified PT systems PL-1 through PL-3 as defined in fib and PTI/ASBI. In most cases project specifications require the duct connections be made air-tight. This can be accomplished with GTI® GLA/GMA Shrinksleeves applied at the duct coupler locations. Shrinksleeves are manufactured in a wide variety of sizes to accommodate all duct sizes.
340504GTI® GMA SHRINKSLEEVE, 40/15x112.523mm
340704GTI® GMA SHRINKSLEEVE, 70/25x112.548mm
340703GTI® GMA SHRINKSLEEVE, 70/25x15022x38mm
340554GTI® GLA SHRINKSLEEVE, 55x112.521x52,21x72,25x76 & 21x90mm
340634GTI® GLA SHRINKSLEEVE, 63x112.559mm
340904GTI® GLA SHRINKSLEEVE, 90x112.576mm & 85mm
340114GTI® GLA SHRINKSLEEVE, 115x112.5100mm, 109mm & 79x111mm
340121GTI® GLA SHRINKSLEEVE, 125x450115mm
340161GTI® GLA SHRINKSLEEVE, 160x450130mm & 145mm
340171GTI® GLA SHRINKSLEEVE,170x450160mm

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