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GTI Bonded Post-Tensioning

GTI provides bonded post-tensioning systems and components worldwide. The GTI Zero Void® Bonded Monostrand System is the premier corrosion protection system available for single strand tendons. The system is available for both 0.5” and 0.6” tendon diameters and can provide a critical level of durability for your structure.

GTI manufacture the highest quality plastic ducts for Bonded Post-tensioning Tendons in a variety of shapes and sizes along with corresponding connection, couplers and grouting accessories. Specialty items such as Segmental Couplers have raised the bar regarding protection levels of tendons in bridge construction. Tight Radius (TR) duct offers both material weight reduction and durability combined with ease of installation compared to steel deviation pipes for profiled tendons. All ducts, anchorages and accessories comply with the related industry codes and requirements of ACI, PTI, and fib.