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GTI Reusable Splice Chucks

GTI Reusable Splice Chucks

Two lengths of strand can be connected while maintaining the strength

  • Safely connects two strand sections
StrandP/NDescriptionJaw AssemblyO-RingSpringSpring RetainerBodyConnector
3/8" (9.5mm)202633GTI RU SPLICE CHUCK ASSEMBLY, 3/8 STRAND202504202522202537202542202582202592
7/16" (11.1mm)202643GTI RU SPLICE CHUCK ASSEMBLY, 7/16 STRAND202505202522202537202542202582202592
1/2" (12.7mm)202653GTI RU SPLICE CHUCK ASSEMBLY, 1/2 STRAND202506202522202537202542202582202592
9/16" (14.3mm)202663GTI RU SPLICE CHUCK ASSEMBLY, 9/16 STRAND202511202523202533202543202583202593
0.60" (15.2mm)202673GTI RU SPLICE CHUCK ASSEMBLY, .6 STRAND202512202523202533202543202583202593
0.62" (15.7mm) *202673GTI RU SPLICE CHUCK ASSEMBLY, .6 STRAND*202512202523202533202543202583202593
* 0.62" (15.7mm) Strand Components are the same as 0.6" (15.2mm) Strand Components

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