Description:  This bridge is a road and rail bridge between the cities of Vidin, Bulgaria and Calafat, Romania. It will be the second bridge on the shared section of the Danube between Romania and Bulgaria. The bridge is to be built by the Spanish company Fomento de Construcciones y Contratas. The precast concrete segmental structure contains two lanes of roadway, one railway track, and two walkways. It is 1971 meters in length.
This precast concrete segmental bridge utilizes GTI Precast Segmental Duct Couplers at all segment joints. GTI Round Plastic Duct® and GTI Flat Plastic Duct® are used for all internal post-tensioning tendons. GTI perfected a special material blend for Tight Radius (TR) Duct for use on this Project. GTI TR Duct allows a corrosion resistant product to be used for post-tensioning duct in tight radius locations, previously metal pipe would be used.

Owner:  Republic of Bulgaria

Designer:  Carlos Fernandez Casado, S.L.

Prime Contractor:  Fomento de Construcciones y Contratas

PT Supplier:  BBR Pretensados y Técnicas Especiales, S.L.