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General Technologies Inc. (formerly dba Varitech, Inc.) was founded in 1988 by Felix Sorkin with the vision of becoming recognized world-wide as the source for technically advanced products within the Concrete Construction Industry. In 1992, the company began production and sales of post-tensioning products under the GTI brand name.

See below for a closer look at GTI’s company history and a detailed timeline of product innovation.

GTI History

Company History

1988 – Varitech, Inc. established corporate headquarters in Stafford, Texas
1990 Varitech manufactured and delivered its first Post-Tensioning extrusion line.
1992 – Began production and sales under the GTI brand
1994 – Established joint venture in Russia developing internal manufacturing equipment
2000 – Moved into new GTI manufacturing facility in Stafford, Texas
2008 – Launched nationwide distribution network utilizing multiple service centers
2019 – Boosted manufacturing capacity and product offering in each location with large investment for automation and state-of-the-art equipment

Timeline of GTI Product Innovation

1988 – CPS Encapsulation System for Unbonded Post-Tensioning
1993 – Durable Plastic PT Duct for Bonded Post-Tensioning
1994 – Composite Bolsters for Rebar Supports
1995 – Composite Chairs for Rebar Supports
1995 – Plasma Cutter for Unbonded Tendon Finishing
1997 – Zero-Void Encapsulation System for Unbonded Post-Tensioning
2001 – Precast Segmental Duct Coupler for Bonded Post-Tensioning
2002 – Zero-Void Bonded Monostrand System
2005 – Zero Void Intermediate Coupler for Post-Tensioning

GTI History
GTI History

2008 – Sheathing Lock for Unbonded Post-Tensioning
2008 – Tight-Radius (TR) Duct for Bonded Post-Tensioning
2009 – Composite Slab Bolster Upper for Rebar Supports
2009 – Low Profile Twist-Lock Duct Coupler for Bonded Post-Tensioning
2014 – Grout-Lock Pocket Former for Monostrand Post-Tensioning
2015 – C-Clip Wedge for Post-Tensioning
2016 – Zero-Void Threaded Metal Ring Stressing-End for Post-Tensioning
2016 – Barrier Cable System for Post-Tensioning
2017 – Zero-Void Encapsulated Splice Chuck for Post-Tensioning