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Post-tensioning technology has existed in different variations and applications for over 100 years and gained popularity beginning in the 1960’s. Today this method of concrete reinforcement is used in concrete slabs for residential and commercial buildings, as well as in parking garages, high rises, civil structures and other types of concrete construction. It is a highly efficient method of concrete construction that often reduces concrete volume and the quantity of passive reinforcement needed when compared to conventional methods. Post-tensioning introduces a compressive stress to the concrete before load is applied. This applied compression loading reduces the tensile stresses in the concrete.

Post-Tensioning Institute (PTI)

The Post-Tensioning Institute (PTI) is recognized as the worldwide authority on post-tensioning and is active in promoting education, certification, research and code development for the industry.

As construction projects become more extraordinary every year, advances in post-tensioning help balance the needs of the builder, the structural engineer and the architect. From simple structures to complex buildings and bridges that double as a work of art, GTI helps make these projects possible by elevating the industry to new levels of achievement through improvements in quality, reliability, durability and performance.