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GTI Field Push Seater

GTI Field Push Seater

Tools to Get the Job Done Right

The GTI Field Push Seater uses a patented method to fully seat the wedges into the anchor cavity. The field model is portable and an excellent choice when fabricating tendons on the construction site. The GTI method does not require the sheathing to be removed in front of the anchorage and there are no gripper marks left on the strand. Push seating provides greater reliability and consistency than pull-seating, while providing the same seating force.

The GTI Field Push Seater was developed and designed for use withGTI Anchorages. The GTI Field Push Seater may not be used with other than GTI Anchorages and the equipment may not be modified.

GTI Push Seater is to be used with GTI PTP-2.5 Hydraulic Pump with 9610 Valve.

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