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GTI Double Lock Paving Chairs G2

GTI Double Lock Paving Chairs G2
Made in the USA

All GTI Bar Supports are 100% Made in the USA

GTI provides the strongest Paving Chairs available in the market. They are made from composite material and meet or exceed comparable wire supports. The product size is identified on the product. GTI composite material offers continuous corrosion protection, both on the job-site and in concrete providing a great alternative to epoxy, stainless, and galvanized bar supports.

GTI Double-Lock Paving Chairs G2 are black and show virtually no change in strength in temperatures ranging from 0ºF to 150ºF

Primary Uses:

  • Slab-on-Ground – Rebar, Post-Tensioning
  • Single Mat – Rebar
  • City, County, & Highway Paving
  • Bottom Layer Double Mat Support – Rebar
  • Top Layer Double Mat Support – Rebar


  • From 2½” to 7½” (in ¼” increments)


  • Fits #4 – #6 Rebar (see table for rebar size configurations)
  • Built-in Base Plate

Production Applications:

  • DOT Department of Transportation
  • SOG Slab-on-Ground
SIZE#4 / #4#5 / #5#6 / #5#6 / #6
2 1/2"222525222625222725222825
2 3/4"222527222627222727222827
3 1/4"222532222632222732222832
3 1/2"222535222635222735222835
3 3/4"222537222637222737222837
4 1/4"222542222642222742222842
4 1/2"222545222645222745222845
4 3/4"222547222647222747222847
5 1/4"222552222652222752222852
5 1/2"222555222655222755222855
5 3/4" 222557222657222757222857
6 1/4"222562222662222762222862
6 1/2"222565222665222765222865
6 3/4"222567222667222767222867
7 1/4"222572222672222772222872
7 1/2"222575222675222775222875

See Patents for a listing of many of the patents licensed to GTI, including patents that may cover one or more of the products identified on this page.

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PROPER CARE AND USAGE: Do not leave GTI Bar Supports in the sun or in bright daylight for prolonged periods of time – composites, plastics, and bags may become brittle; the material used to manufacture GTI Bar Supports is physiologically safe and resistant against all acids and alkaline solutions used in the construction industry; do not apply oils, release agents, or similar products to GTI Bar Supports; under certain conditions small rupture may occur at the surface of concrete in the vicinity of GTI Bar Supports when too much oil or release agent is used on the formed surface – further causes may be poor cleaning of the concrete surface and improper use of primer when painting; GTI Bar Supports have been used world-wide in every climatic condition without complaint.