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GTI Round Corrugated Plastic Duct

GTI Round Plastic Duct is available in diameters from 23mm to 160mm. GTI Round Plastic Duct is manufactured from polypropylene (PP) but can also be manufactured from high density polyethylene (HDPE) when requested. GTI Plastic Duct meets all the applicable requirements of fib and PTI/ASBI.

GTI can introduce additives during manufacture to improve cold weather durability when required. Please notify when ordering.

Upon request, GTI will provide product test reports verified by an independent testing laboratory to support our customers in obtaining their approvals. GTI can perform special testing to assist its customers in complying with any additional code requirements.

GTI manufactures round duct specifically for each customer. Duct can be cut to specific lengths or coiled (when applicable) per customer requirements.

22015048mm (1-7/8")
22020059mm (2-3/8")
22025066mm (2.6")
22030076mm (3")
22036085mm (3-3/8")
22095095mm (3-3/4")
220408100mm (4")
221440109mm (4.3")
220450115mm (4-1/2")
220550145mm (5-3/4")
220590160mm (6.2")
22080023mm (0.90")
22035085mm (3-3/8")
220410100mm (4")
220460115mm (4.5")
220500130mm (5")

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